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Trends of 2016 from the Hill Interiors Interior Designer

Today we’re looking ahead to likely trends, styles and colours in furniture and accessories for 2016.

As major players in the interiors market for many years now, and seeing what’s coming off our production lines, we’re well placed to offer a few thoughts to help you plan your purchasing and merchandising strategies for 2016.

At the moment we anticipate a divergence between town and country. For the urban setting the keywords are likely to be ‘luxury’ and ‘sophistication’, with a slightly more relaxed and casual feel  for the country.

ArgenteWith that in mind, our Venetian and Argente collections fit the bill perfectly in the urban context – particularly when accessorised with large ‘statement’ mirrors, ornate or mirrored photo frames and classic lamps. Think Louis XIV.

For the country you could do no better than stock up on our Pavillion and New England ranges which deliver clean, rustic lines. In particular, the dressers offer a perfect platform for clients to display their favourite pieces or objets d’art. And they also provide you with a great display space for your own complementary accessories and help you dress your showroom.

As for colours, we foresee an appetite for delicate, pastel shades, perhaps as an antidote to modern day stresses. Try, in particular, Pantone’s ‘rose quartz’ , ‘serenity’, ’rose pink’ and  ‘tranquil blue’ in your paints, fabrics, crockery and accessories.

And of course, for further inspiration you can always visit our website and showroom or obtain a copy of our new catalogue.