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Changes to the Hill Interiors Pricing

The introduction of our brand new website www.hill-interiors.com saw us bring a whole host of new features and updates to the website as well as an awesome new theme. At the sametime we also took the opportunity to radically change our pricing, bringing our prices down dramatically.

We created a brand new price list which focused on reducing the individual price of an item. All volume, settlement and trade discounts were removed in order to achieve this. Our prices are now based on the landed cost of an item and if you multiply the price of the item by 2.4 you will discover our recommended retail price (RRP). For example, an item priced on our website at £41.65 we feel can be sold in a shop for £99.95. This is why some of our pricing now looks odd. we’ve move away from rounding up to the nearest .95 and so you’ll find prices like £20.81 and £33.31 the norm now. Most products have been massively slashed however you might find a few have risen as the landed cost has indicated that we had them priced too low in the past.

Our new lower margins should give us the ability to bring in a lot of new products that we have previously thought too expensive.

We hope that you will see the benefit to this as well.